About the project


The general objective of this project is to foster the successful inclusion and participation of mobile EU citizens in the host EU country’s civic and political life. Its specific objectives are: to improve the knowledge and expertise of local authorities on this topic and enhance their contribution to a greater political inclusion of EU mobile citizens; to improve knowledge, increase awareness and promote active engagement  of European mobile citizens and their associations on the political rights linked to the status of European citizen; to boost the role of political parties and national authorities in removing the obstacles to political participation of European mobile citizens; to raise awareness of the general public on the political rights deriving from European citizenship.


Direct beneficiaries of the activities of the project will be EU citizens living in European countries of which they are not nationals and their associations. Other beneficiaries will be local authorities and other stakeholders that have an interest in higher levels of political participation by EU movers.


  • Participatory meetings with local authorities, aimed at identifying, innovative ways to inform about and promote voting rights of EU mobile citizens.
  • Testing of innovative procedures and practices by local authorities aimed at promoting a complete and effective information on voting rights.
  • Digital storytelling videos, to give value to the personal stories of political engagement and civic participation of EU mobile citizens.
  • Awareness raising events and initiatives organized with EU mobile citizens’ organizations.
  • A social media campaign targeted to EU movers.
  • Training courses of ‘education to politics’ addressed to EU mobile citizens who have a strong interest in direct political participation.
  • Guidelines for local authorities that will illustrate the most effective procedures aimed at promoting a complete and effective information on electoral rights.
  • Handbooks for EU mobile citizens, with practical information on how to register and how to vote.
  • European Handbook on best practices, which illustrates the best practices in fostering political participation carried out by municipalities and EU movers associations.
  • European exchange meeting, held in order to exchange experiences and good practices among local authorities and EU movers associations.
  • Awareness raising and advocacy meetings with political parties and national authorities, in order to raise their awareness and to promote changes aimed at facilitating the exercise of voting.

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From January 2016 to December 2017

Participating countries