Second training course ‘La partecipazione conta!’, Florence, 13-14 May 2017

On 13 and 14 May 2017, the second training course on political participation for mobile European citizens was held in Florence, at the Robert Kennedy International House of Human Rights.

The purpose of this course was to help European mobile citizens to acquire useful skills for an effective and fruitful political and civic action. The course was attended by 15 candidates and potential candidates in local elections and activists, including two candidates in 2017 municipal elections in L’Aquila and Latina (Rome), a district council member, many former city councillors and candidates in past elections and active members of political parties and associations.The participants, 13 women and 2 men, were of Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian and Dutch  origin and came from all parts of Italy: from the north (Verona, Milano and Lavegno), the center (Rome, L’Aquila, Viterbo, Latina, Aprilia), the south (Cosenza).

It was based on the principles of participatory education and had the same structure as the first training course.

Download the full program of the training course and the announcement of selection.