Participatory meeting with EU movers associations – Rome, 15th October 2016

A participatory meeting with associations took on 15th October in Rome, with 13 associations: Europaeus, Istituto per la Polonia, Associazione Culturale Mojabancarella, Associazione Culturale Videopyja, Spirit romanesc, Associazione Orizzonti Latini, Associazione Momento Zero, APRI – Associazione dei professionisti romeni in Italia, Amici della Romania, Vocea Romanilor, Associazione Italo Bulgara in Abruzzo, Human 4 Human, Romeni in Veneto.

The main objective of this participatory meeting was to enhance the role of associations as key actors of participation and involvement. In addition to discussing the theme of political and civic participation, the meeting aimed at identifying and planning events and innovative activities to encourage participation by improving information and raising awareness about the voting rights connected to the European Citizenship.