Voting in Italy. Three guides for European mobile citizens

‘Voting in Italy, instructions manual’ is a short guide addressed to the European mobile citizens who live in Italy and need practical information on how to register and how to vote, both for the European and local elections.

Download the Italian/English version: Voting in Italy, instructions manual. A guide on voting rights for European mobile citizens

Download the Italian/Romanian version: Votul în Italia, instrucțiuni de utilizare. Ghid cu privire la dreptul de vot al cetățenilor mobili din Uniunea Europeană

Download the Italian/Polish version: Głosować we Włoszech, intrukcje. Poradnik wyborczy dla mobilnych obywateli UE


votare-in-italia_ita_eng         votare-in-italia_ita_rom         votare-in-italia_ita_pol