Training course, Florence, 7-8 May 2016

On 7 and 8 May 2016, the first training course on political participation for mobile European citizens was held in Florence, at the Robert Kennedy International House of Human Rights.

The course was aimed at supporting the civil passion and commitment of European citizens resident in Italy who wish to engage in public life, both political and civic. The purpose was to help them acquire useful skills for an effective and fruitful political and civic action. The course was attended by 14 candidates and potential candidates in local elections and activists, including two candidates in municipal elections in Bologna and Marino (Rome), two candidates as district council members in Turin, a city councillor in Villafranca di Verona and active members of political parties and associations.The participants, 9 women and 5 men, were of Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian origin and came from all parts of Italy: from the north (Turin, Verona and Cremona), the center (Modena Bologna, Florence, Rome, Pescara), the south (Naples).

It was based on the principles of participatory education and divided into three modules (12 hours in total), each of them with specific objectives. The first module, carried out by Udo Enwereuzor of Cospe, helped candidates and activists to build specific strategies and to use tools to bring their ideas and requests to the attention of public institutions. The second module was carried out by Leonardo Bieber, municipal councillor of Florence, and analyzed in-depth the functioning of local authorities, describing in detail the Councillor’s work. Miruna Cajvaneanu, a journalist of Romanian origin, carried out the third module which led the participants to understand and work effectively with the media, digital and not (Facebook, Twitter, and blog sites, newspapers, TV, radio, etc.).

Download the full program of the training course and the announcement of selection.