In recent years, the presence of non-national EU citizens in most Member states has grown significantly, passing from 4.7 million in 2005 to 13.6 million in 2012. These flows have led to a significant increase in the number of non-national EU citizens of voting age, but latest figures show that, both in European and local elections, the percentage of voters is very low.

There are many obstacles to participation : lack of or limited information available, low interest due to the feeling that political participation has no impact on daily life, procedural obstacles to registration in the electoral rolls, lack of interest on the part of political parties in engaging non-nationals as active members.

‘Participation matters’ works on the most relevant factors that limit civic and political participation, in order to build a solid awareness in EU citizens that participation is a crucial aspect of inclusion in the host society and a lasting commitment by public institutions to promote it.

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